Hello everyone! Winter season is now over! So now we can pack our boots and hoodies in the closet and bring out the summer outfits that we hide during the winter season! Adding to this joyful moment, what could be more exciting than packing for a summer holiday to enjoy the warm evenings and new scenes?

That is the subject of today’s post! How can we plan and what should we pack for the trip?

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Packing For Travel

Packing is one of the hardest things to do when we are going on a trip. Especially girls! Are you with me? We are struggling with how we can fit everything in our luggage bag! Sometimes we’ll just go to leave one of our favorite dress just to make everything fit in! So sad! We even spend hours just to pack everything and sometimes we keep on repacking just to make our favorite dresses fit in our suitcase!

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Here’s our suggested packing list!


The first thing that we should pack is the essentials.

– Passport

You need passport especially when you are going abroad for your summer holiday. This is the first thing that they will check in the airport. Without this, we cannot go and travel abroad.

– Flight Tickets

Don’t forget about your flight tickets because just like the passport, you cannot travel anywhere without your flight tickets.

– Bank Cards or ATM Cards

You need to bring your bank or ATM cards when you are going to other places or country. You’ll never know when will be an emergency that’s why you need this so that you can easily access your savings.

– Money (Foreign Currency)

Bring a cash with you not just your ATM cards. There are things we need to buy along the road that’s why you need a pocket money. If you are going abroad, for example, Dubai, you need to exchange your money to Dirhams. It’s better so you’re ready and you can pay instantly when you arrived there.


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When packing clothing the best thing you should do is to roll it and not to fold it. By this, it will avoid creases. You should wear the heaviest clothing that you want to bring so that it will save more space and lessen the weight of your baggage. Here’s what you should pack for your clothes.

– Sweatshirt/Cardigan

You need to bring sweatshirt or cardigans when you are going on a summer holiday. Though it’s summer, you cannot avoid the cold breeze at night.

– Scarf

Just in case the night goes colder you need a scarf to lessen the coldness.

– Pants or Trousers

This is the one that you should wear when you are going to travel. By wearing this, it will give more space in the bag and lessens the weight.

– Flats

When going on a summer holiday, you should bring flats only and not heels. Especially when you are going to the beach. You cannot walk on the sands while wearing heels. It is more comfortable to wear flats when you are traveling.

– Shorts

You need to bring shorts and wear it during daytime especially when it’s very hot. This will keep you cool rather than wearing pants on the beach! Haha!

– Swimwear

Since you are going on a summer holiday, you really need to bring swimwear. You should bring many pairs of your swimwear.

– Lightweight Evening Dress

I indicated here a lightweight dress because this will help you lessen the weight of your luggage and it will give more space for your other garments.

– Undergarments

Don’t forget to pack your underwear’s and socks. You still need to bring your socks since you are going to wear your shoes when you are traveling.


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When you have any allergies or any condition and want to go somewhere else for a summer vacation, you should not forget to bring your medication needs. Most of the time, the places that we want to go during summer holiday is far from hospitals. So we should bring our own medication. Even though we don’t have any health issues, we should still bring medicines with us.


Here are some medicines that we should bring:

– Paracetamol

This is a common medicine that we should have with us to help ease a headache that we might encounter on the road. Inexpensive yet crucial if you are going to be participating in a lot of activity or nightlife.

– Diarrhea Treatment

This is also one of the most important medicines that we should bring. I remember the time when I was traveling. I went to visit my friend, it is a 5-hour drive away from my place, and I bought this pie on the market and I shared it with my friend. It doesn’t have any foul smell or any unpleasant taste.

We talked for almost an hour while driving, and all was good. It was a brief stop and after taking care of business, we left to go back home. While I’m driving, I started feeling something in my stomach. It was starting to grumble. I ignored it.

Then 10 minutes passed, I was on an expressway. Then that’s when I started to feel uncomfortable, in short, I need to release it! There was no place that I can stop, I think I struggled for 30 minutes. What to do? Hanging in there was what I tried to do!

Then I finally saw a rest stop that had a comfort room – perfect for my emergency. So there I found my relief! That was the most unforgettable experience of my life. I don’t want you guys to experience it too. That’s why I am reminding you to bring medicine for diarrhea, hehe.

– Allergy Treatment

You need to bring this with you too. Even though you think that you are not allergic to any food, you might just encounter the nightmare of your life! So don’t forget to bring this with you.

– Antiseptic Creams

Antiseptic Cream is also known as antibiotic creams. Its use is to kill bacteria that can cause infections. You will apply this to your skin.


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When traveling, you need to bring other things that are important too. It’s not just the clothes that we should bring. These are the items that can make your life a little easier on the road and are nice to have…

– Mobile Phone

We need to bring mobile phones especially when we are going to travel different places. Just in case you got lost, you can contact your hotel management to pick you up.

– Flashlight

You need to bring a flashlight just in case you got stuck somewhere and it’s too dark outside.

– Maps

Bring a map with you, I know that we have GPS on our phones, but still, we need to bring maps just in case our phone got battery drained.

– Charging Power Bank

We should thank the one who invented power bank. We need to bring this especially when we are out and traveling. This is a great help especially when our phones run out of battery, which they will. Not only that, these can be used to power a lot of other devices such as night lamps, music players, etc.


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Bottom Line…

Now you have a list of general items that you will need as you plan and pack for your next trip. This is by no means all-inclusive, but it is a start. Some of the items we mention are available right here in our store, and if you plan early enough, you can save money by purchasing them from us!

Now that you have all that behind you, there is just one more thing we would like to mention. This is an important consideration and possibly even more so than what to pack or bring with as you travel. What am I talking about you ask? Read on…

What’s important also when we are traveling is our security. Don’t forget to be always alert when we are outside and not in our own place. Always be alert to everything around you. Secure your baggage’s and thank everyone who helps us when we need it. There are a lot of nice people out there, and they will make your trip a memorable one!

Thank you for visiting us again! Hope this helped you! Until next time! Enjoy your trip!



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