We all want to have the fairest skin but we don’t know how to achieve it. Some of us spend a lot of time and money just to have the skin that we want. What they do is they visit the derma clinic and spend a lot of money. Well, it’s good for them that they have money to spend, but how about us? We don’t have that kind of money to have a perfect skin.

In Asian Countries, many of us want to have a perfect white skin that’s why there are a lot of whitening soap and lotion are being invented today. Having white skin is the standard of many people to say that they have the perfect skin but the truth is perfect skin means having healthy skin.

My mother has a brown skin, I saw her tried many beauty regiments to make her feel proud of her skin. But she didn’t succeed because her mindset is not about having a healthy skin but to make it whiter. There’s nothing wrong about that but you need to make your skin healthy first.

I’m a person who wants to have skin, that’s why I tried a lot of soaps, lotion, and pills that they say will make me look whiter. I think I tried all the brands available in the market but none of these helped me get a whiter skin. Then a friend of mine who has the perfect skin that I have ever seen shared her secret with me. She said that in order to achieve what I want for my skin, my mindset should focus on how to make my skin healthier. Of course, I tried it because I can see the result on her skin. Then after a month, I can clearly see the result of having the perfect skin. Don’t expect that you will see the result immediately, you need to wait for months to achieve the skin that you want. Are you excited to know the tips? Then, let’s start!

Use Lotion with SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

We can never deny that the heat of the sun today is hotter than before. So what my friend told me is before using different kinds of whitening lotion, I should first protect my skin from sunlight. Lotion with SPF’s will help protect our skin from damages due to sun rays especially when we’re always outside. This is the most important thing to apply to our skin. There’s available SPF Lotion in our store (www.revashop.online), you can visit our shop and look for the health and beauty category then find Natural Sun Screen SPF 40 PA++ with Coconut Oil.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is the number one reason why our skin looks older and it even adds wrinkles. Smoking damages our liver, so when the liver is damaged, the result is you’ll be having a rough, dry, and dark skin. If you want your skin to be healthy then you should quit smoking.

You Should Treat Your Skin with Tender Loving Care or Gently

There are many ways to treat your skin gently. Sometimes we are not aware that the simple things that we do to our skin are damaging. Here are some quick ways to treat your skin with tender loving care.

-Do not take a long shower- When you shower or take a bath for a long time, it will remove the oils from our skin. So, you should limit your bath time and use warm water rather than cold or hot.

Apply Creams when you shave- When you shave some of your hair, you should apply creams on your skin to protect your skin from getting any wound.

Pat Skin Dry- After you take a shower or after washing your face, don’t rub your face or body with a towel, just tap your skin with the towel to avoid any irritation.

-Avoid Strong Soap or Astringents- Do not use strong soap or astringents if you are using one. The best soap to use is the soap for babies or any soap that doesn’t have any strong content.

-Moisturize your skin- moisturizing can help your skin look younger. It also reduces the chances of having some skin problems and avoids dryness of your skin. People who moisturize their skin daily will help them fight wrinkles. Don’t forget that there’s a proper moisturizer to apply on your skin depending on what skin type you have.

Manage Stress

We all have that stress week or days that we cannot avoid especially at work or school. What you should do is to take some vitamin C every day so that your skin will still glow and you’ll avoid any breakout on your face.

Balanced Diet

What we eat is who we are. If we eat healthy foods then the result can be seen outside, which our skin. You should eat vegetables and fruits. Avoid fatty foods that could cause breakouts. Do not forget to drink water regularly to hydrate your skin.

That’s all folks. These are the tips that I can share with you. There are still a lot of ways to take care of your skin to get the perfect skin that you will ever have. It doesn’t matter what your skin color is, as long as you are happy and confident in yourself then that’s the perfect thing ever. Don’t hate yourself because you don’t have the skin that you want. Acceptance is the key to have a happy life. Don’t mind what other people are saying, just live the life that you have and make the most out of it. Don’t limit yourself from others standards and expectations just be happy and contented!


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