We all want to look fashionable every time we go out especially when there’s an occasion or when we are going to meet our friends or loved ones. Who wants to look trashy anyway? No one! Being fashionable doesn’t only apply to women but with men too. Being picky about our own dress or OOTD’s is not a bad thing. As a girl, I what to look my best when going out, not to brag about the things that I have but to be confident with myself. Boosting your self-esteem is a good thing because whenever we meet someone we know or someone who wants to be acquainted with, we will never be ashamed to communicate with them.

My mother is the most fashionable person that I know. Not only fashionable but wise in buying good quality clothes and accessories. Every time she has a money to spend for herself, she will find time to go out and buy her clothes. I think, buying clothes is one of the best ways to ease any stress or problems for mothers or any girls. My mother buys secondhand clothes. We call it “ukay-ukay” here in the Philippines, it is also known as a thrift shop. Even though they are used clothes, the quality is just perfect. You need to choose wisely when buying in thrift shops.

Being fashionable doesn’t require much money to spend. What you need is to be wise to choose for the right clothes for yourself. Here are some tips that I can share with you.

Choosing the right color

In choosing the right clothes we need to consider first the right color that will complement our skin tone. You should know first your skin tone. There are 3 types of skin tones which are a neutral undertone, warm undertone, and cool undertone. You may refer to the picture below.jmnk. 300x136 - HOW TO LOOK FASHIONABLE WITH A LIMITED BUDGET


Neutral                                                  Warm                                                              Cool

If your skin tone is under Neutral, the best color for you is Medium Blue, Jade, Red, and white.

For the Warm Skin tone, the best color for you is Honey, Olive, Coral, and Cream.

Lastly, for the Cool Skin tone, the best color for you are Blue, Lavender, Rose, and Gray.

Shopping During Sale Season

One of the best ways to look fashionable with a limited budget is to buy clothes or accessories during sale season. There are many shopping malls that have different kind of marketing strategies, one of it is having a sale during payday which is also called pay-day sale. You should be careful with patronizing this kind of strategy because sometimes there are many shopping malls that selling their product for buy 1 take 1 promo but when we look at its price, the price is the same when you buy them without a promo. They just made it look like you can save money when you buy them both but when you divided the price of the products and look at the price of them individually when not in a promo, it is the same. This kind of strategy for me is a scam. So you should be careful when buying on a sale season.

Sell Clothes You Don’t Wear

Sometimes we bought dresses or shoes that we thought are perfect for us. But when we decided to wear it, we looked at the mirror then realized we don’t really suit the style of the item that we bought. So if you have many items that you are not wearing, it’s now time to sell them. You can either sell it online or post it on your facebook account or just have a garage sale in front of your house so that you’ll have a good budget to buy for the perfect clothes that you like.

Go buy at Thrift Shops

Just like what I’ve said before, my mother used to buy clothes on thrift shops. Clothes in thrift shops are not bad. There are many good clothes that you can wear and buy them at a very cheap price. When you have a really tight budget, this is the right place for you. Don’t be shy about going to this kind of shop because nowadays, buying in thrift shops is now a trend. You just need to check the item that you want to buy in thrift shops carefully. Sometimes there are small holes on the item that they are selling so be careful with it.

Don’t be Complicated

Being fashionable doesn’t mean you should have many accessories or colorful clothes to wear. Being fashionable means being simple. Do you know the saying that less is more? It means that less complicated is more appreciated than what is more complicated. Sometimes, putting too much color in our fashion statement is not likable. The key to being fashionable is being simple. You should put that in mind.


Be Creative and Resourceful

If you are on a tight budget, you need to be creative and resourceful to become fashionable. You can have new clothes without spending money. How? If you have old pants, all you have to do is to watch some tutorials on youtube on how to tatter your jeans. By that way, your friends or family will think that you have new pants. You will also enjoy wearing your pants when you tattered it yourself. And when you have old big shirts, you can also watch some tutorials on how to make it into swimsuits and sleeveless shirts. There are a lot more ways on how to transform your old clothes into a new one! You just need to be creative and resourceful!

Read Fashion Magazines

If you want to look fashionable, all you have to do is to read fashion magazines. There are fashion magazines for men, women, and teens. You need to feed your mind with different ways on how to look fashionable. Sometimes, the trending fashion doesn’t suit us that’s why you should be careful with going with the flow when it comes to fashion.

My tips on how to look fashionable with a limited budget end here. I hope that these tips help you in some ways. You should remember that buying clothes is not bad as long as you don’t spend all of your money with just buying your clothes. When you have a credit card, you should know how to control yourself. There are a lot of people who are a shopaholic and ended up being chased by authorities because they can’t pay for their credit. Do you know the movie Shopaholic? You should watch it! It is a great movie and it can help you with fashion too!

Thank you guys for visiting us again! Until next article!

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