We all have that special someone in our life. We are not just talking about our better half but we are pertaining to our family or friends. Sometimes we are having a hard time in choosing what to give for our special one. We don’t know if the gift that we will give them is the right gift for them. We don’t even know if they would love it or not.

I’ve been in a relationship for almost nine years, we both want each other to feel special when we are celebrating our birthdays or our anniversary. So we have our own strategies to make surprises for each other. With that long period of time of being with each other, sometimes we are losing ideas on how we can surprise each other and we run out of ideas on what we can give to each other since we almost gave the best thing that we could the last time that we exchanged gifts. We came to a point where we just both ate dinner together and just spent the whole night just talking with each other. We didn’t buy gifts because we both realized that we already gave what we both want in our life to have. But of course, I don’t want that to happen again, I still want to give him something that he will cherish.

If you’re in the same situation as me, then you came into the right place! I will share with you what I learned in searching what’s the perfect gift for our special one. So let’s start!

Know What They Love

The first thing that you should know so that you can choose the perfect gift for him or her is to know his interests. For she’s into collecting watches or jewelry, then that’s the perfect gift for her. If he’s interested in having a different kind of backpacks then you can give him a new one. If they’re not that picky about receiving gifts then you can give them the things that you know will make them happy.

List down Things that He or She Has

To avoid giving them the same thing that they have, you should list down what they already have. If you want to give them something new and useful then it is necessary to observe and see those things.

Hear Them Out

Sometimes they are already giving us hints especially when they want something and their birthday is coming. You should be sensitive when it comes to that. Maybe they are just putting things into a joke, but apparently, it is really the thing that they want to possess.

Do Some Stalking

If the person that you want is not that vocal in what they want to have, what you should do is stalk them. There are many ways to stalk them, you can use social media sites like Facebook and look for the things that they are posting. For example, she’s always posting or sharing an image of shoes, then that can be the thing that they want.

Ask yourself what the Person Needs

There are times that the one that we love does not say a word about the things that they need to have. Maybe because they don’t want to disturb you when it comes to giving them something especially when it involves money. What you should do is to inspect and ask yourself about what the person that you love needs. For example, you saw their clothes that they’re already using for many years and it’s obvious that they cannot afford to buy a new one, then you can buy them any simple shirts that you think will look good on them.

Know their Size

When it comes to gift giving, most of the items that we want them to have involves sizes. It can be the size of their foot, shirts, pants, and fingers. The easiest size to know is their shirt size. You just need to look at their shirts and the size is attached there. When it comes to foot size, there are ways to know their size without asking them directly. You can search for it online. We don’t want them to suspect that we are planning to buy them something. Now for the finger size, you know what I mean with that. If you are planning to give them promise ring or engagement ring, you obviously need to know what is the size of their finger without asking them directly. There are lots of ways to do that. You can use threads or anything that you can wrap around their finger while they are sleeping. There are more ways, you can just search for it.

Make the present an Event

When we say gift, it does not literally mean that we should give them a certain thing. It can be an experience or anything that they will not forget. If you know that they already have the things that they want to possess, the perfect gift that you can give them is to make your gift as an event. When we say the event, it can be giving them surprise party where all of their loved ones are there. You can also plan a simple getaway and spend a quality time with them.

That’s all I can share with you guys! I hope that it helped you in some way. Gift giving does not require expensive items, as long as it comes from your heart then you don’t need to be ashamed of your simple gift for them. It is always better to give than to receive.

There are people who love giving gifts to other people and when they see that you appreciated the thing that they gave you, that’s already a gift for themselves. They are happy seeing the person that they love smiling because they receive something from them. Well, if you have that kind of special someone, you should treasure them and appreciate them with all of your heart. But never ever abuse their kindness. You should also give and not just receive from them.

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