One of the biggest events in our life is being able to be married to someone we love. It is one of the enormous dreams of every woman in this world. They want everything to be perfect and don’t want any problems to occur when that day comes. The couples prepare a lot of things to make their dream wedding come true. It’s somehow stressful for the future bride and groom to make all things happen.

Me as a child, every time my aunts or uncles are getting married, they will always ask me to be their flower girl. Of course, I really want to be one, because of that I witnessed their promises with each other and it really touched my heart even though I was just a kid back then. From that day on, I am always dreaming of having that kind of wedding in the future. I also saw a lot of gifts coming from their visitors and I was so amazed by how big the gifts are. As I got mature, my high school and college friends are getting married now so they will invite me on their special day. I want my gifts to be something special and useful for them. Since it’s their special day I want to give them something that they will never forget and every time they use it they will remember me.

My mom always gets an invitation to attend a wedding ceremony, it came from her close friends and relatives. Every time that she gets invited, what she will always say is “what should I give them?” Since she got invited many times, my mom is running out of ideas on what she can give the newlyweds. Sometimes, if she doesn’t have time to buy and choose for the wedding gift, what she does is she will just put a money in an envelope. Well, that’s better rather than not having to give something.

Gifts are not just an object that we give them, giving gifts means that we think of them and we care for them that’s why we are giving them presents. If you are going to give gifts for the newlyweds, there are some things that we should consider so that we can choose which is ideal for them.

Set up a Budget

When you are planning to give a gift for the newlyweds, the first thing that you should consider is to set up a budget. Since the wedding is a once in a lifetime event, we should make sure that we will not give them a cheap gift. We should prepare and save for them as long as your budget for yourself will not be affected.

Look for the best Item that is in for Your Budget

Once you have settled for the budget for the gift, you should look at the market and find which item is the best that you can give them. Do not look for the item that’s cheap if you have enough money. You should be wise in buying items that you will give to the couple. There are a lot of items that are too expensive but doesn’t have good quality. Expensive products don’t mean that it has a good quality. You shouldn’t be deceived by the price range.

Don’t Buy Traditional or Common Gifts

There will be a time that you will be invited to different wedding ceremonies. Most of the people will give a present that is too common, you shouldn’t have the same mentality as them. You should be a wise giver and give the best to the newlyweds.

Buy Good Quality Gifts

Just in case that you have a little budget for the gift, there is always a cheap one BUT has a good quality. Don’t buy expensive gifts if you cannot afford, all you need to provide them is a gift that has a good quality.

Have a Happy Heart

The most important thing when picking the perfect gift for the newlyweds is to have a happy heart. Why? Because you give something to someone half-heartedly, they can feel it through the gift that you give. Giving a gift with a happy heart will make the receiver happy too.


Make Something Personal

If you cannot afford to buy something because you don’t have the budget for it, what I can suggest you is to make something personal. For example, mugs that’s printed with their faces or something like that. Even though you give them something that is cheap, but is they see that you gave an effort just to give them something, they will really appreciate it. Never ever be ashamed of what you can give them. What’s important is the heart of the person that made an effort just to give them a gift.

The list stated above is just a simple that I can share with you. I know that picking a gift for a wedding is not an easy task that’s why I came up with this article. Giving gifts requires good budget and a giving heart to pick the best item that we could give. Never ever give someone a thing that you don’t possess and you cannot afford with your budget. I know that you want to give the best gift for the couple but you should really consider the things that I stated above.

You can always give something to them even if you don’t have enough budget. All you need is to become resourceful and creative. If you have a lot of money but doesn’t give your heart when giving them gifts, it will be felt by the receiver. You can make someone happy even if you cannot really give them something. As long as your presence is there, that alone will give them happiness especially when you are one of the closest friends of the bride or groom. If you cannot attend their special day, you can use the social media sites to greet them to enjoy the happiest day of their life.

Thank you guys for visiting our site again. I hope that this article helped you in some way. Don’t forget to visit our shop and you can search for the best gift for someone that you know who’s going to be married soon. Until next article!

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