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Our New Store Reva 5-Star Shop

Hi Everyone!

This is my first blog post and I thought I would use it to tell you a little bit about what this store is all about and where we will be taking it for you, the customer, our main concern. This is a joint effort of some really great people that have come together to provide you what you are looking for…

We have planned this store from the beginning with you in mind. Everything has been set up as if we were you and what you see is what we think you want. It is what we want as customers if we go to an online shop, and of course it will get better as we continue to improve, which we will do…

You will see the total items offered here go up and also some cosmetic changes as we make slight adjustments to the looks and feel of the site. Our goal is to find and work with some of the best manufacturers with stellar reputations that offer trending or useful products.

What you will not see are low-quality products that will break on their way to you in the mail, or ones that do not work when you unpack them, or ones that will break shortly after starting to use them. We actively search daily for the best of the best, and after going through a detailed list of checks we use, if they make the cut, their product(s) will be added.

The people involved in this store have quite a few years of experience when added together, and I do believe that you will be taken care of for all aspects of your dealings with us, from the first store visit to the regular purchases that we hope you will make from us.

Areas that we will focus on include product quality, good pricing, easy checkout, excellent customer support, and good communication. These are just the areas you will see from your side. On the back-end, much more work will continuously be taking place to do our best for you.

So welcome to our store, and please note that we currently have over 100 items and that list is growing day by day.

Here are some of the categories we are building out:


We have already added a large variety of many different kinds of products. If you are looking for something in particular, do a search using the search window found on every page, and you will be sent to the page that has that product, or it will tell you nothing found.

If that not found page comes up, and you need that product, send us a note via email or the contact page asking us to source that item. We will immediately get our team working on finding a reliable source and a quality product for you. If possible we will give you some options as well.

Kid’s Items:

This is a category that we are excited about. There are so many niches that we can cover with this category, and we intend on adding at least 8-10 different ones as we go and grow. If you are looking for something in this category, again, drop us a line.

Women’s Items:

So far we have added in sunglasses, purses and bags, some jewelry, and other similar items. Our intent is to build this out as well in niches that we know you are looking for. We have a wide swath of potential manufacturers to work with, so I have no doubt that we will soon have what you are looking for, no matter what that might be.

Men’s Items:

This is another area that we have quite a few products in already. Because the items are coming from many niches, it may look like it is a bit disorganized, but rest assured, we will add in more subcategories as the total numbers rise to help you quickly find the exact kinds of items you are looking for. Bear with us!


This is an exciting category for us, as there are so many quality watches with many designs, styles, and looks that are likely going to be of interest to you. Have a look through them all, and over time, we will add in subcategories that will further help you get to what you are looking for quickly.

Trending and Hot Gadgets:

This is one of my personal favorites, I am a gadget guy. These days, technology is advancing faster than ever, and my intention is to add in the latest gadgets that everyone wants and also find the tried and true gadgets that people love always.

As I go through this building process, as with all the items we add, only the best of the best will be offered to you and at the best price, that I can get for you. Know that we work with manufacturers throughout the world, from Germany to China to the USA and in many locations in between, such as our Thailand Health and Beauty products.

Health & Beauty:

This is a category that will have a lot of subcategories as well and this is such a wide category with limitless items to offer to you. The only way to keep it all straight will be to have these sub-categories and the search window, along with featuring the very best deals we have for you on a daily basis.

Featured Products:

This is a special section that will change often. We update it every day as we work with our suppliers to get special deals, lower prices, specials, closeouts, etc. If you come back often, you will see that a variety of items will be found there and that it changes.

That is the whole point of our efforts – give you the best at the best price. It is what we are all about!

and more…

Special Deals & More:

We also will be running ongoing coupon deals, percent off, a loyalty program, a wheel of fortune where you have the chance to get a percent off your order (this can be used daily, by the way), and of course ads that let you know about any other sale we may be having.

A Mobile App

You will be able to download a mobile app from the store too. No more having to load a browser, add our link, and wait for your service to send you to out page. The app will allow you to simply click on it and immediately you will be in the store and ready to shop!

Having this on your mobile means that it is very convenient to shop from whatever device you happen to have with you. You also then can receive notifications from us regarding sales, specials, newsletters, etc. to, and that right on your phone!

Facebook Store

You may have noticed that we have a Facebook  Page and store. If not, the link is as HERE. You will be able to interact with us there too! The nice thing is that you can also shop right from the Facebook page without leaving Facebook if you happen to be there!

So now you will have three ways to access our products and but the things you are looking for and need. We will continue to build out our capabilities and Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are areas we are looking at as well for the future.

Your Turn

Now I would like to open the floor to you, our customers! Please drop us a line below and let us know what it is that you would like to have us do for you. That could be anything, there is nothing to wild out there. We want to take care of your needs, and unless we know WHAT you are looking for, we may be missing the boat!

Things that I can think of off the cuff include maybe some additional products, or some special handling of items, or perhaps a blog post on one subject or another. These are all possible for us to do for you, and we will also be doing some live streams with deals and more too.

If you want to learn more about any of the products, let us know that too. We will get you a video, some content, some images, instruction manuals, whatever possible to take care of you! Perhaps you would like to be featured here on our blogroll? Yep, we can do that too!

Bottom Line:

This is just a taste of what we are building for you. Please let us know what else you would like to see here and also any other improvement you would like to see…Our goal is pleasing you and meeting all your online shopping needs. We know that you have choices when it comes to shopping, and we want you to choose us!

Thanks for your time to read through this and again, welcome to our store! We look forward to meeting your needs over the years ahead and thank you for your business! Have a great day and talk soon!


Dave Sweney


ReVa 5-Star Shop


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