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Jackets for Men

Hi, Everyone…

This is a post about jackets. I want to go through some of the most popular styles and see what is of interest to you. Then I will go out and source as many of the products as I can find for you and you will be able to get them in our store!

It seems there are about 10 main styles that are popular this winter…

Here is what I have to now through my own research for each in bullet comments:

(1) The Duffle Coat

  • A mainstay over many years
  • Gives you a relaxed feel
  • Looks sharp with a contemporary silhouette

(2) The Slim Puffer

  • This is a down jacket that is hugging to the body
  • It can be worn as an additional undergarment with another overcoat
  • In that case, it would provide additional warmth

(3) The Parka

  • This is a classic that has been around since before I was born, and that is a LONG time ago hehe…
  • These days it has migrated back into the work week once again from its former position as a weekend jacket
  • You will see people wearing this even with suits or more formal wear – I guess it has been a cold winter?

(4) The Camel Coat

  • When I see one of these, I think of the old mob movies, that is what the gangsters wore
  • There is some sense in this though, the color adds some elegance to whatever you may be wearing
  • It also makes sense from the warmth standpoint, as this is a long coat and holds in more heat

(5) The Technical Jacket

  • This is one for the record books, it covers all the basic needs on a cold winter day
  • The seams are sealed and the coat is waterproof
  • The coat is insulated to a high degree, providing LOTs of heat-holding power
  • There is a hood that you can secure your head into and keep warm

(6) The Oversized Coat

  • This is a bulkier, longer overcoat as well, like the Camel Coat
  • Since it is so big, it covers up a lot of…What?
  • It does look good on you when you are dressed up or just dressed casually…
  • Another one that is extra long, so it is extra warm, important this cold winter

(7) The Officers Coat

  • This is a classic and proven coat that just works
  • It is a military style and I personally have worn these for years, because they work
  • Normally they are made of thick wool
  • Extremely good for the most bitter of winter days

(8) The Classic Topcoat

  • This is a coat that is good when the temperatures are not at the extremes as what you have in the dead of winter
  • It is an elegant coat that makes up for its lack of heat-holding ability by how good it looks on you
  • It definitely can add to your fashion look when you wear this coat
  • Just check the weather before you transition to this coat or you may catch pneumonia!

(9) The Shearling Coat

  • This is really a retro style coat that these days has been retrofitted and designed
  • It is not as bulky these days as in the old days
  • It does give you a good look
  • It will last forever, just like before

(10) The Peacoat

  • Another classic that has been used for hundreds of years (OK, at least 150 years)
  • This is another coat that is 100% wool and thick wool at that
  • It has been used on the high seas and kept people warm and it will do the same for you
  • This one is really hard to beat!

So there you have it! Each type has its pluses and minuses, and people will prefer one or the other. That is why I am sourcing some of these now and you will see them added to the stores as I get reliable suppliers and decent prices for you. Even if you get one now and it is past that darkest days of winter, next year is coming, and you get to be ready.

Another thing I am interested in is the price range that you are looking for. I can source some very high-end and expensive coats but that is not the end goal. I would rather look more and find sources that are in the range that you are looking for, while having the quality that I demand for you.

I’ll keep you all informed here through updates as we go along and let’s see what we can do to get some of these into the shop for you. Remember you can order from the comfort of your mobile phone or other device, wherever you may be as long as you have an internet connection.

Our checkout is also secure, by the way, I need to remind you that you need to have no worries whatsoever as your payment information is not stored nor can we authorize any payment from any card that you use to pay for items that you may buy in the store.

Your Input

I am always looking for feedback, as stated, so let me know what you think and what your preference is. The chaps in the image are not thinking about coats, overcoats, or jackets but they clearly should be, the winter is coming for them too!

This same offer goes for any other matter that you may want to bring up. We are here to provide you the items that you want and need, and we work hard to do just that. It is a lot easier if we are hearing from you exactly what kinds of things that you want.

Most of the items we have in here now are based on what we have observed from our other stores as being popular. We will adjust the store as we get more information from sales and feedback. This is a work in progress and will always remain so. This way we serve you in the best possible manner.

So until next time, have a great day and we appreciate your business!




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6 thoughts on “Jackets for Men

  1. Loved the article! Please add more and I will be back to read through…Do you need a guest blogger? Let me know, I do this several times a month for other shops and would love to help you out. Keep up the good work with your store, I see lots of interesting products!

    1. Thanks a lot Randall for your kind words. As you can see, we are a young store but have aspirations of gaining satisfied customers globally. So far we have done well and will continue to improve. We need feedback like yours to keep us motivated. We are going well beyond men’s jackets, as you may have noticed! Cheers! Dave

  2. Liked this article…Thanks, and please publish more and add to the jackets info you provide. Can you also cover other fashion subjects such as top trends and popular clothed by season?

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Roderick! Yes, we will be publishing more content on fashion as it is a major focus in the store. Of course, we also have products from many other niches and interests, but in the main fashion is what we want to bring you! Please stop by again and check out our deals and new items we are adding daily! Cheers! Dave : )

  3. I really enjoyed this blog post. Thanks for putting it together. I have also looked through your store and there are a lot of things that I am interested in buying. I will be back! Have a great day…

    1. Thanks for stopping by Alvin and leaving a comment too! Yes, we are building up the store daily, adding in more Men’s Coats, Jackets, and other items as we go along. You will see fresh products regularly here, so please do come again! Cheers! Dave : )

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