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How To Shop For Kids Online? My Favorite 7 Online Stores

Hi, Everyone…

Did you know that you do not need to spend a fortune to outfit your kids when buying clothes for them online? This is true. These days there are plenty of options that you can select, one of which is right here. Unfortunately, we are still building the store, so our selection is limited.

In the meantime, while we add more items you can go to other online sites and get lots of deals that will not break the bank. When we are full up on our own items for kids, we will amend this post and add more about what we have. Until then I want to give you some advice and options to help you…

Bottom line is that there are plenty of options that you can tap into and you do not have to spend a fortune either. There are some very good deals out there. The selections are also sharp looking and will make sure that your kid is one of the sharpest looking kids in the school or on the playground too.

Here are the ones that I look to as I build this category for the store…

My # 1 Absolutely Favorite Kids Store Is…Target

My grandkids just love the clothes I select from Target for them. It has a huge inventory of items, and their prices are reasonable. You can find items for babies all the way to teenagers there and they have collections that are really sweet, one example being Cat & Jack. Their items are stylish and a bit sassy, of high quality and popular.

I am not adding any examples, rather just would have you head to their online store and see for yourself. Do me a favor though. Please stop back here again too as we get our selection growing because I promise you that we will do every bit as much for you as Target does!

My # 2 Favorite Kids Store – Boohoo

This one has a funny name, but do not let that stop you from checking this store out. This company is based in Manchester, England. They too have some really stylish and functional quality clothing that your kids will treasure. Their prices are also reasonable for the discerning shopper looking to save some bucks.

I do like that they are constantly adding new clothing to their stores too, so I find myself stopping there often just to see what is new. This helps me compare when shopping for pricing, styles, shipping time, and even shipping costs as I go about my shopping for kids.


My # 3 Favorite Online Kids Store – Uniqlo

We seem to be traveling around the world today as I discuss my favorite kid stores, and this is one that is across the globe from the USA and England based store locations – this one is based in Japan. The Japanese have been heavily into fashion for the younger set for decades, and seem to always have a new cutting edge and really cool selections for the parent that wants to go the extra mile for their loved ones.

They have simple, well-designed essentials that the kids will want to wear every day, in school and out. There is a wide selection of classic designs to more stylish items that the boys and girls will want to add to their wardrobe so they can make a statement among their peers.

What I like are their prices, as for what they offer in quality and style, the prices are remarkably reasonable. They always have new things coming out too, so check them out often and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed. This is also another quick way to see what is currently in vogue in different parts of the world, by the way…


My # 4 Favorite Store – H&M

This is one that I first learned of shopping in malls. My teenagers at that time loved this store. As things swing over to online stores and shopping through mobile devices, H&M has managed to stay relevant in today’s retail market. They are offering some of the same fine selections as I remember from shopping in actual stores, and they do keep up with trends and try to offer prices that are competitive.

This is a Swedish-based chain, and as such, they are always on the lookout for bargains that are of high quality for you. They do keep up with trends too. I have seen some really cutting-edge stuff in their store, and have purchased from them many times.

As with that other famous brand, IKEA, this brand is one that is innovating and reinventing itself always with an eye towards offering value for their customers. I can certainly relate to that and it is a focus for our operations as well, no matter which store we are building.


My # 5 Favorite Store – Crazy 8

The strongest selling point for me with this store is that they offer complete outfit suggestions. I will be the first to admit to a deficit disorder when it comes to mixing and matching at times, and this is such a positive point for me…There are times when I want to get shopping in quickly, and this store has accommodated this every time successfully.

This store is partner store to Gymboree, and the concept is similar as well from what I have seen. The ability to get views of complete outfits is the biggest seller for many online shoppers, and not only that, their prices are very reasonable too. Definitely a store that you will want to bookmark and check often!


My # 6 Go To Store – Amazon

Somehow buying clothes through the huge online store Amazon just is not what people normally think about. There are so many other things that are available there, clothes seem to be an afterthought for many shoppers. I would ask you to give it a go and see what they have. They do also have quite a selection, and of course, their prices are most reasonable.

There are brand name clothes and no name clothes. They have some of the classic items such as t-shirts but also have some quite stylish offerings too. It most certainly is a place that you will want to add to your list of preferred stores for online shopping, if only for comparison with other stores..


My # 7 Go To Store – Old Navy

The thing that this store has going for it for me are the many annual back to school sales and selections they offer. Having two girls, I was a regular customer of theirs years ago when outfitting them out for the coming school year. It was an annual trek to the local mall in those days.

These days of course, as other such brands and store chains have, Old Navy has their online presence too. I have always liked their sensible back-to-school fashion offerings, mainly because my kids liked them, and they have remained as relevant as ever for that crowd through their styles and selections…

The thing that has remained consistent throughout my years shopping with Old Navy is that they always offer the bold colors, the catchy patterns and beautiful styles that most kids look for, whether it is denim, cotton, or other material. Check this site out for sales too, they run them often. you can get some really good deals…

Wrap Up

So there you have it…My take on some really good kids stores that I frequent online. Each offers a bit that is the same, but each also has some very unique and sharp items only available through their stores. I do hope that this helps you as you purchase gifts or school clothing for any kids you are buying for…

Remember too, that we will be building out our own line or products for you right here in the store. These will all be items that we know you are looking for and as with all of our products, we will look for the best value at the best price for you!

Happy Shopping!



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4 thoughts on “How To Shop For Kids Online? My Favorite 7 Online Stores

  1. When someone published a piece of writing like this, I often wonder if it worth stopping by to read through it. Your article was certainly worth my time! Thanks and keep it up. I see you are a fairly new website and store too. It looks like you are off to a great start. Best of luck to you! This post is great. Thanks! Heriberto

    1. Thanks so much Heriberto! We are most certainly trying to add value for you and all who stop by the store and will continue to do so. Daily we are looking for the best deals for popular best-selling items that people want and need. We do hope that you will stop by often and give us an opportunity to provide you too with products. Cheers!

  2. Interesting read and thanks for that! I like the looks of your store and have bookmarked it to come back again. Please keep adding blog posts as I am always on the lookout for tips and hints on how to shop for kids online the best way possible. Carl

    1. Thanks, and we are just getting started. The site is full of value for kids and the end goal is to be the one-stop shop for kids and adults for all of their online shopping. If there are any subjects you would like us to cover, please drop us a line either here or using Facebook Messenger or even a comment on our Facebook Business Page! Cheers!

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